We acknowledge the sovereignty and ownership of traditional custodial owners of all the first nations on whose land we live and work and we acknowledge both the past and present first peoples, their elders, languages, customs, culture and connection to this grand and wonderful country”

Who We Are

We are a voluntary working group aligned with ANTAR (Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation) and Reconciliation Queensland (a peak indigenous body in Queensland). Our working group formed to try to elevate the discussion in Queensland and throughout Australia about the forthcoming constitutional referendum for the recognition of first peoples in the Australian Constitution. Believe it or not, the original inhabitants of this land are not mentioned at all in the entire document!

The first peoples we talk to are of a mixed viewpoint as to whether they wish to be recognised in what is essentially a white man’s document or not. One of our projects is to enlist the help of our local governments to try to communicate with grass roots people of all cultures and offer a resource that enables them to browse information both for and against the referendum and to make up their own mind. Read more...

What We Want

In short, we hope to see:
  • The recognition of first peoples in the Australian Constitution and the recognition individually of the sovereignty of all the separate nations that have existed in this land for millennia.
  • The removal within the whole document of references to race so that first peoples and all ethnic groups are included as equals
  • The removal of the discriminatory clause section 25 that allows governments to exclude minority and ethnic groups of all types from the vote
  • To see a change to section 51(xvi) so that laws made using the heads of power within this clause must be framed such that they cannot be discriminatory or detrimental to all Australians
  • The recognition of first peoples’ languages as Australia’s first languages, their customs, traditions and connection to land; while also recognising the English language.

We hope that the contents of this site enable you to be better informed, have your say in your communities or in any discussion or forum on the topic and to make your voice heard.